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We love our new home and thanks to Mika for making it possible. Especially, in this hot market getting the home without going into bidding wars was terrific. We met Mika at another open house. Her dedication and commitment to find the right house for us made us change our earlier agent. She waited till we found our right home and didn’t hurry up into buying. She was able to get us the house with all contingencies fulfilled and also negotiate with the buyer to give some credit for the work. She gives sufficient time or to say more than enough time and waits till all our queries are answered and does not rush to bid. Mika goes over all the disclosures with you so there is no confusion later. She paid attention to all the details of the house and work required for us to move in. She also got the inspection from several different companies for the work required till we were happy. She is very well informed about the house prices and doesn't over bid for a house.  She is prompt and quick and closed our house one week before the close of escrow saving some rent dollars. We would highly recommend Mika as a real estate agent for everyone and especially for first time home buyers."
Prasad S, Campbell

We had been looking at a lot of homes by going to Open Houses. Then we met Mika at one Open House. She just impressed us with how much she knew and how generous she was with her knowledge and time. We felt we could trust her to do her best for our needs and she did. She did not do fear tactics and often discouraged us from putting offers on homes she felt might become a problem later.  Looking at homes by yourself is not the same as when you look at homes with Mika by your side as she explains a lot. We learned a lot in the whole process. We are so grateful to Mika as she bought us a home for much less than we had thought we might need to spend. We thought we would have a hard time in a hot market because we did not want to heavily overpay in bidding wars. When we found the right property that met our exact layout requirements, Mika wasted no time and swooped down and bought it for us even before it came on the market throwing out the competition. She understands price and how to position us so that we are the best buyers for that house!   Our property has appreciated significantly from the time we bought it just a few years ago. We stay in touch. We take Mika out for lunch every year to celebrate together and tell all our friends!! 

Mari and Somejo, School Administrator